Welcome to Military Travel and Outdoor. This site is about military surplus items that can be used for traveling, outdoor and camping purposes. Other commercial available items that will come in handy will also find its place on this website.

The purpose of this website is on one hand providing detailed information about products that might be useful. This information can be found in the blog section of this website. By gaining information you are better prepared and the travel and outdoor fun might start already while reading. On the other hand the purpose is selling products that might be useful or difficult to find. These can be found in the shop section of this website. Bringing the right products to your travels and outdoor adventures will greatly improve the fun and comfort.

This website is a continuation from Thailand Travel Base. Beside information about traveling in Thailand it became more and more a website about military travel and outdoor gear. The .EU domain was added to the website to clarify that goods purchased are send from Europe. More specific; from The Netherlands.

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