Berghaus Crusader size 3


Robust backpack made by renowned German company Berghaus. Used by the Dutch Royal Marines.

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Robust backpack made by renowned German company Berghaus. This one was used in the Royal Dutch Marine Corps (Korps Mariniers). Big main compartment, two detectable side pouches (rocket pouches), and a small pocket on the cover lid of the backpack.

This model of backpack can not be adjusted in length on the back. This model was made in different sizes and issued according to the length of the individual person. This one is a size 3.

Backpack shows many signs of usage but can still be used. One of the straps was repaired incorrectly and the side pouches can’t be zippered on. Can be used on backpacking trips in the wilderness but is also suitable for urban environment backpacking. Another option is to use it for spare parts to repair or upgrade other backpacks.

Size: Main compartment = 53 x 33 x 19 cm. Side pouches = 37 x 12 10 cm each.

Weight: 2,55 Kg.





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