Coleman Feather 442 petrol stove


White gas stove from Coleman. Compact stove that is able to simmer but also can generate a true heat blast. Easy to start, no Pre-heating with alcohol required.

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Very popular stove in the motor bike camping world. The stove was produced in may 2008. Burns on white gas such as Coleman Fuel or Aspen 4T. Regular automotive fuel will also do. However this causes acceleration of the wear on rubbers and valves and will make the stove functioning bad. These types of Coleman stoves don’t require pre-heating with alcohol to get it started. The fuel supply regulator has a system in were it draws in the volatile vapors and air above the liquid when the fuel crane is partly opened. These vapors serve as the pre-heating fuel. The cross shaped pot stand will hold anything from a small cup to a big pan.

The stove has the tendency to burn with a yellow spot in the flames when cold. After becoming hot these yellow flames will disappear. More importantly: the red fuel lever still gives a precise flame control. Anything from a low simmer to a full blast.


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