Dutch army hooped bivy bag


Mini tent and sleeping bag cover in one. Gives extra warmth and protection to your sleeping bag.

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Dutch military sleeping bag (bivy) cover / mini tent with a pre bend tent pole in the head area in classic Dutch woodland camouflage. There is enough space at the head end for equipment that needs to stay dry and be easily accessible all the time. The L-shaped access opening can be closed with two zippers. The specially designed storm flap ensures that the zippers won´t let the moisture get inside. The bivy cover is manufactured from Gore-Tex type material making it water repellent, windproof and vapour permeable (breathable). It also includes a mosquito net that can be used when the head-end zip is open for ventilation.

A bag like this will add extra warmth to your sleeping bag. Under the bivy bage are slots to insert and hold a self inflatable sleeping mat. In the Dutch army these are referred to as Therm-a-rest since this brand has usually a size that fits in the slots.

Waterproof although in the army they tend to sleep under a tarp or poncho with these bags.


Condition: Like new, probably not used by the original owner.


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