Dutch army Parka wet weather


Very robust jacket to withstand rainy weather. Made from modern breathable fabrics.


Very robust jacket to withstand rainy weather. Jacket is coming from the Dutch army. A similar model was also in use in the British army under the name Smock Men’s Waterproof. Both jackets are made of modern waterproof fabrics that are both water resistant but in the same time breathable. Very similar to Gore-Tex.

Size: 6080/9500 >> Suitable for persons between 160 and 180 cm tall and with a circumference between 95 and 100 cm.

Length on back: 85 cm.

Width under armpits: 65 cm.

The Dutch army issued these jackets initially with a wool jacket that had to serve as a winter liner. The wool jacket itself was probably too ugly to wear as a individual garment.



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