Dutch army rubberized Small Pack


Unique version of the P37 small pack by the Dutch army.

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Dutch army pattern 37 combat pack dated 1987. This was the last version of the British Small pack that was used since ww2. After ww2 the Dutch army used kit and equipment that was a mix of British, American and Canadian pieces. Since the final front lines of the western front were partly on Dutch soil, huge piles vehicles and equipment were left behind and partly reused to build up the Dutch army again. With the years passing by the old war time supplies dried up and the Dutch army started to produce their own copies of equipment pieces. Also US and UK made items were newly imported. At the end of the 80’s the Dutch army started to develop a complete new uniform and equipment. At the beginning of the 90’s the Dutch army developed the British DPM camouflage pattern although in a slightly different variation. As a in between solution this rubberized small pack was issued together with a rubberized P37 large pack. The pack can be worn as a backpack or as a shoulder bag. Depending on the webbing straps that are used.

NSN : 8465-17-052-7046

Size: 28 x 14 x 24 cm.


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