Feuerhand 175 Super Baby


Feuerhand 175 Super Baby oil lamp from famous German company Feuerhand. Made in the 1930’s, aka Feuerhand 175F.


Small oil lamp from famous German company Feuerhand. This one is a small sized lamp the Feuerhand 175 Super Baby. This model with the clamp on the side dates probably back to 1939. Given the fact that the glass and lamp have the marking Made in Germany and not Made in W. Germany this is from during or before WW2.

The lamp is a bit rusty but still intact without leakage. Some of the original paint is still there. This model is also revered to as the Feuerhand 175F. The F is from the German word Fahrrad meaning bicycle. The clip from one of the sides could be used for mounting to a bicycle. Also horse drawn wagons for farming and transport of milk from the farms to the dairy factory used these kind of oil lanterns.

Height: 19 cm


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