Petromax 100 Kerosene stove


Classic kerosene pressure stove from legendary brand Petromax

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Vintage kerosene stove by legendary German company Ehrich and Graetz. This stove is from the Greatz company in Altena, Western Germany. After WW2 the original Ehrich and Greatz company in Berlin was confiscated by the new communist rulers of Eastern Germany the brothers Greatz relocated to West Germany and founded a new company. Hence the logo with still the 2 dragons but only the G in it.

Al parts are marked Petromax. No mix and match with other brands

Condition: Stove is in working order. No leakage and stove holds pressure due ti a new Viton ring (Fettlebox UK) under the fuel cap. Only the NRV is sweating kerosene into the pump. You might want to replace the old pip for a fresh new one.


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