RoToTa holdall bag


Handy storage bag made from though sturdy material.

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Handy storage bag made from though sturdy material in DPM woodland camouflage. Fast release buckles are on the bag to attach it to a Dutch army daypack. The cylindrical shaped bag is then worn on the chest and clipped to the shoulder straps from the KL Daypack rucksack. Fabric of the bag has a coating on the inside to make it more water repellent. Strong lengthwise zipper and a name card pocket. On the bottom and alongside the zipper are simple carry handles.

Size: 39 cm x 27.5 cm diameter. >> 23 liters.
Condition: Item appears to be in new unused state.

The official name is Tas, Goederen, Klein (Bag, Items, Small). Rotota was the nickname named after the singer Ronnie Tober who was popular in the gay scene during the 90’s.

A nice modification that can be done to this bag is adding D-loops to both ends of the zipper. In this way you can attach a shoulder strap and the bag can be used as a holdall.


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