Sigg Fire-Jet petrol stove


Vintage camping stove made by Sigg in Switzerland during the 90’s.

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Vintage camping stove made in the 90’s by renowned Swiss company Sigg. Burns on white gas such as Coleman fuel or Aspen 4T. Regular automotive fuel will probably also work fine. Since the generator tube can easily be cleaned from soot en debris by removing the steel wire inside. Stove folds away in a can type shape. Unique flame pattern.

Size when folded: 9 cm tall, 8,5 cm diameter.

These stoves were always marketed as being able to burn on both Kerosene and White gas. However in reality it is almost impossible to let it run on Kerosene. The materials of the stove are light weight and thin. Therefore they can’t accumulate enough heat to create a hot enough environment in where kerosene will evaporate properly. The result is flaring up of yellow flames when trying to burn Kerosene.

The air inlet can be adjusted with a lever. This can easily be more restricted by blocking the hole partly with aluminum foil or such. In this way it is also possible to let it run on alcohol such as Bio-Ethanol.


Condition: Stove comes with a fuel bottle from a different brand. Stove and pump are checked for leaks. Stove itself might benefit from some extra cleaning. Original packaging, original instruction manual and original black storage pouch ar part of the delivery.


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