Smock Windproof Arctic Size 170/112


One of the best made British Windproof Smocks in history.

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Made in the UK. Intended for usage as a outer layer over other insulating clothing in cold climates. The jacket itself is made from a thin fabric. This version is made with the normal buttons instead of the ”Canadian” buttons. Two chest pockets, two hip pockets and one internal pocket. The jacket has a very large hood with a distinctive metal wire in it to bend it in shape.

Size: UK 170/112 >> Suitable for persons with a length of 170 cm and with a chest circumference of 112 cm. Nato size: 6070/0515 >> Suitable for persons between 160 and 170 cm tall and with a circumference between 105 and 115 cm.

Weight: 1,05 Kg.

Condition: Very good. Camouflage colors are still bright, no names written on the garment, no signs of wear and tear. Only minor flaw is a stain at the back. Probably this can easily removed.


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