Desert Night Camouflage parka liner. Size Medium


Hard to find liner for the US Army Desert Night Camouflage parka. Size Medium.

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Soft liner for the Night Desert Night Camouflage Parka used in the first Gulf war by the US Army. These parkas were designed for infrared concealment from Soviet-era night vision. Soldiers would wear them over their battle dress uniforms. Since deserts can be very cold during the night these night camouflage parka’s could be equipped with a buttoned in soft liner for extra warmth.

This particular one has extra buttons attached next to the button slots on one side of the jacket. In this way the garment can also be worn as a separate jacket.

Size: Medium
Nato Size: 7080/9404
NSN#  8415-01-102-4483

Condition: Nog sighs of heavy wear and tear. Only some small fraying.


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