Primus 71 petrol stove


Robust and beautiful burning classic camp stove.

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Classic petrol stove from renowned Swedish brand Primus. Burns on white gas such as Aspen 4 or Coleman fuel. Regular automotive fuel from the petrol pump station will also work since there is no generator that can be clogged.

This is a so called self pressurizing stove without a pump. The pressure in the tank is caused by heating of the stove itself. The flame is a roarer flame and can be adjusted from low to high intensity with the key. Size of the box is 15 x 9,5 x 9,5 cm and has room for storing a small bottle with alcohol for pre-heating. Perfect compact stove for motor camping or traveling to far away countries.

Condition: Box has most of its original grey paint. Brass is partly polished but can be polished into a bright shiny object. Fresh Viton rubber from Fettlebox UK is installed under the fuel cap. Burns with a perfectly blue flame.


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