Coleman 400A stove


Coleman 400A white gas stove from the 80’s

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White gas stove from legendary American company Coleman. This 400A model from 1989 has two different fuel valves. The red one for open and close and the longer black one for simmering of the flame. This last one is also called the Generator & regulator assembly. The later Coleman Feather 442 model only had the red lever.

Stove burns on white gas such as Coleman fuel or Aspen 4T. Regular automotive fuel will probably also do the job but ruins the generator. Since these generator assemblies are no longer for sale, running the stove on regular pump fuel shouldn’t be done.

Condition: Stove is in full functional order however starting can be temperamental (yellow flames). Once the stove is hot it burns with nice blue flames. Pre heating with alcohol poured over the burner head is advised.


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